Celebrating the Vision and Leadership of
Gil Homstad
Our Founding Trustee

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BRF Alumni Students make their Hometown Proud!

BRF Alumni not only shine during their years in school, but also once they have completed their educations and enter the workforce. Below is a short update on a few past BRF Alumni Scholarship recipients. The BRF community should be very proud of these young men and...

Foundation Makes History With Alumni Scholarship Awards

Thanks to a generous gift from Peter and Jone Hoffman, the Foundation was able to award a scholarship to each and every BRF Alumni Applicant in 2021. It would generally be assumed there would be some applications that would be ineligible due to the scholarship...

Recognizing Need, Taking Action!

Peter & Jone Hoffman In June, the Foundation published a newspaper article listing the 2020 and 2021 recipients of scholarships managed by the Foundation. It also discussed the wonderful support our community provides for graduating seniors and addressed the need...

Being Grateful in 2021

In 1985, Gil Homstad recognized a need and took action. That action resulted in the creation of the Black River Falls Area Foundation, which set a record as the smallest (population) community in the entire country to have a Foundation. Starting with zero dollars, the...