Since 1996 Friends of the Foundation have played a critical role in providing grant dollars.  Foundation Trustees extend special thanks to our Friends, who contributed over $17,750 in the spring of 2012 and an additional $4,100 later in the year when a letter was sent to past friends.  We thank our past friends for renewing their interest in the Foundation and our new administrative assistant Julie Murray for her dedication to that project.  All of these donations go directly to funding 2013 grants.  In the year 2012 the Foundation fully or partially funded 37 grant recipients for a total of $93,002. This includes payments to the library, the soccer field and fairgrounds. Our Friends are much appreciated and their names are listed in this annual report.


Last year scholarships totaling $52,500 were paid to Jackson County students.  Education costs continue to rise at a rate higher than inflation, so scholarships provide vital assistance to our area graduates.  Please consider establishing a scholarship fund at the Foundation.  It’s just another way of passing on the spirit of our community.


At the end of each year the trustees meet to establish goals for the following year.  This year one of our goals was to create new and/or expand existing Donor Advised Funds. Through the efforts of our Trustees several new donor advised funds were created or expanded.




  • In December, Mary Van Gorden made a contribution to establish a Donor Advised Fund. Gifts to the community from her fund will be available beginning in 2014.
  • Peter and Jone Hoffman added a substantial amount to their already existing fund.  Peter and Jone are among our most generous and long-time supporters.
  • Mrs. James Dougherty made a generous contribution to the James and Carol Dougherty Family Fund.
  • The Rotary Club established a new Donor Advised Fund with an initial donation of $15,000.
  • Timothy and Kay Finch, Hoffman Construction Company and Jackson County Bank added to their existing Donor Advised Funds.
    The Millis family established a Donor Advised Fund in memory of their son/brother Richard E. Millis.
  • The final Incubator Economic Development Fund payment of $83,300, plus an additional $10,700 was received, and the fund now totals $281,500.  It was created when the Incubator Building in the Industrial Park was sold.  A special thank you to Mike Anderson and Gene Ransom who helped develop this building and have been involved in its management during its entire existence.
  • The Black River Memorial Hospital added $25,000 to their scholarship fund.
  • Hoffman Construction Company established a scholarship fund in memory of Robert ‘Knuckles’ Johnson.




In addition to our goal of establishing/expanding Donor Advised Funds, another one of our goals is to promote the Foundation through various media methods. We are still exploring the avenues we can take.  At the moment we are considering newspaper articles, an information kiosk, or a combination of both.  Keep a lookout for our public relations promotion!


An aside note, we changed our website email address in January 2012 from centurytel.net to centurylink.net.  We also changed our grant application period to run from March 1st to April 15th, to better facilitate the grant process.