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As of November 15, 2014 the Foundation manages 26 individual scholarship funds.  Together these funds award in excess of $35,000 per year to area students.  For more information about these funds, please click here.  Each of these funds may have different requirements, so please review each carefully.


You may also click on the links below the directly access your school’s website, which will have our scholarship fund information available.


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Scholarships Help with Education Costs
By Dr. Shelly Severson

As we get ready to kick off another school year, there is a brand new group of young adults that are beginning the next phase in their lives. Many of the area’s 2014 graduates are preparing to begin either college or university. This means packing their belongings and getting ready to move into a dorm, double checking their fall schedules, meeting new classmates, and dreaming of their future career. Whether these young adults are going to a four year university or a two year college, one thing they have in common is their concern over the increasing costs associated with post-secondary education. This past spring the Black River Falls Area Foundation had the extreme honor of awarding twenty-five (25) scholarships to assist students with the rising costs of post-secondary education. These scholarships have been established through the generosity of local donors that recognize the importance of providing all students with the opportunity for an education. Some donors create qualifying criteria, while others leave that up to the Scholarship Committee to determine. Each of these scholarships helps in providing opportunities that may not otherwise exist for the chosen individuals.

The Black River Falls Area Foundation is extremely grateful for the generosity of these scholarship donors. We also recognize that the cost of a college education continues to increase at an alarming rate. The Foundation is willing to assist any individual or organization in establishing a scholarship fund.


Please email, or call the Black River Falls Area Foundation at 715-284-3113 if you are interested.


Best of luck to the recent scholarship recipients – make us proud in all that you do!


Tuition and Fees – Not including Room & Board


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