Krohn Clinic Physician’s Memorial Scholarship

This year, the Krohn Clinic Physician’s Memorial Scholarship will be given in honor of Dr. Richard Holder. Find out more here.


Dr. John Noble, 89, died June 29, 2013. He was born in Shanghai, China on Christmas day in 1923.  In 1925 his family returned to BRF and he graduated from BRF High School in 1941.  He attended Springfield Junior College in Springfield, Illinois until June of 1943 when he joined the army. Upon leaving the army he attended medical school in Chicago.  John Noble remained a licensed physician until his death. Dr. Noble practiced medicine at the Krohn Clinic from 1951 until his retirement in 1990. After his retirement he practiced medicine part time at the Ho Chunk Health Care Center.  Dr. Noble is remembered by many in the area as an excellent family doctor.  He delivered the babies of babies he had delivered by the end of his long practice.  He had a very keen mind, amazing memory and grasp of information and a wry sense of humor.  He cared deeply about his patients.  To honor Dr. Noble and other long time Krohn Clinic physicians, the doctors of Krohn Clinic have created this scholarship fund which will be awarded to a student pursuing further education in the health care field.



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  • Application forms and additional Instructions can be obtained from Black River Falls High School by clicking here: (Link to BRF High School Scholarship Web Site)



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